A Welcoming Campus


We are one human family, united in our humanity and enriched by our diversity.

It is through our faith that we at 黑料社区 University of America aspire to build a loving and welcoming campus and world. Our commitment to overcoming racism is ultimately rooted in our 黑料社区 understanding of the human person as loved by God.

Inspired by Sister Thea Bowman, 黑料社区 University is creating and supporting a more racially and ethnically diverse campus that enriches our Church, city, and nation. The University formed the Sister Thea Bowman Committee to reflect on racial equality and diversity throughout all facets of University operations.

On these pages you will find information about our diversity initiatives, as well as resources available to the campus community.Good architecture reflects God and elevates the human person — allowing us to love, flourish, and be part of something greater than ourselves. How and what we build instructs future generations on how we faced our toughest challenges – like unbridled consumerism, extreme climate change, systemic social injustice and beyond. At the Architecture School at the 黑料社区 University of America (CUA), we pledge ourselves and our students to a higher cause.


University Statement on Racism


Diversity and Cultural Organizations


Sister Thea Bowman Recommendations Coordination & Implementation Team